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* Our PRIORITY is Success on Your Hunt, NOT Client Numbers and $$$.

* We utilize a  2 :1 Guide : Client Ratio.

* We ONLY Book (3) Clients / Season.

* We DO NOT charge "Trophy Fees".

* We allow (2) additional Family/Friends at No Charge.

* We provide Media from Before and During your Hunt.

* We provide an online Media File (Free) or a Production Video of your Hunt.

* Our Pre-Season Scouting and Hunting Unit Knowledge is Unparalleled.

* We have access to private lands that are not "open access" public land.

* Our Success Rate is >90% and we DESPISE a "Burnt Tag".

* We Align Ourselves with Industry Experts to offer "Incentive and Discount Gear".

* We were taught through, "Family Hunting", and you will feel like one of the same.

* We are your "Team" of Guides under an "Outfitter Business".

* We Guide because we are Passionate about this Sport and Sharing it with Others.

* We WILL GO the extra mile for Our Clients to REALIZE their Dream Hunt.

* Our Hunts and Contracts are Flexible and Negotiable.



WILD EYEZ  is a Utah State Licensed Outfitter.  Our motto is: "See the Wild," and in that spirit, our Goal is to place you in a situation where you will have the opportunity to See, Photograph, Film, and EXPERIENCE the nature of the Game Animal which you have a permit to pursue. To us, Hunting is a passion, we honor the process and respect the Game that we are after. We provide Safe, Professional, and Experienced Guide services for Big Game and Furbearer Hunting on USFS, BLM, State, and Private lands throughout Utah.  We also conduct ATV/UTV Eco-Tourism events with Destination Wildlife Photography and Digiscoping Education on the Manti LaSal National Forest in Central Utah. The Manti LaSal is the most popular National Forest in Utah for its amazing aesthetic appeal and great diversity in recreational opportunities.  Our Guides have a great appreciation for Nature; a passion for wildlife, and an unmatched Skill in Locating, Analyzing, and Pursuing Wildlife that extends back generations.  We also have an intimate knowledge of the Geography and the Topography of the very dirt that we will traverse with you.  We know how to Navigate it efficiently and effectively because we have been doing so since we began following our Father's footsteps as Children when they shared their passion with us. We spend countless hours Scouting, Observing, and Digiscoping Wildlife throughout the year.  During the Spring we are gathering Antler Sheds, during the Summer we do extensive scouting for and filming of Wildlife, and during the Fall/Winter, we are Guiding our Clients on Hunts. This constant observation and interaction gives us a significant advantage in Locating, Analyzing, and most importantly "Patterning" Wildlife behaviors. This enables our Guides to have an increased ability to Predict the behavior characteristics, location, and to anticipate the movement of any given animal species in any scenario, during every month of the year. We educate our Clients on Wildlife Behavior and recognition of recent activity.  We capture Wildlife on media, to view their undisturbed behavior, from great distances by Digiscoping so as not to intrude or disturb them. This long-distance observation and analysis contribute significantly to Closing the Distance on your Game Animal when the appropriate time arrives. We also, capture media along with our Guide Services and encourage our clients to do the same. Our emphasis is on viewing Wildlife; capturing and sharing the "Essence" of the Outdoors with you both through personal experience and on media for you to enjoy and relive your adventure once your time with us is over.


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