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Wild Eyez takes great pride in the products that we offer for sale.  They are the very products that we carry with us on the trail and they are time-tested and proven.  Therefore, we stake our name on them by *endorsement. The "Elite" manufacturer product lines are not easy to get and they are significantly more difficult to represent and become pro-staff for.  When I started in this "business" of Outfitting / Guiding I had a desire, with time, to offer products for sale but, I was also determined to only offer what I considered to be the "best". I had to prove to myself that they were so through extensive field testing myself.

One of the product manufacturers that I am most proud to represent and to have become Pro-Staff for is Zeiss Sport Optics.  As an individual guide I have had to put forth extensive effort toward the use, demonstration, testing, and having to prove my worth in order to offer and openly promote and advertise these select products. With Zeiss, it was with over a full decade of Digiscoping and hundreds of pictures and videos, a significant social media following, and a proven record and knowledge base that convinced them that I knew what I was talking about before I could earn the privilege of representing their product professionally.

I do not offer products that are less than the best. They have not failed me in the field and I highly doubt that they will fail you. With that in mind, know that the products which I offer for sale are intended for the serious outdoorsman who demands the best in their equipment. These products will cost you more as an initial investment but they will outlast and outperform sub-par products which you will buy 3 or more of before you come to the realization that "top of the line" has that reputation and price tag along with it for a reason.  

-If you purchase a product from Wild Eyez Outfitters and it disappoints or fails you, I personally want to know about it. I will research the issue and take it into serious consideration as to whether I will continue to offer and endorse that product and/or manufacturer going forward.  I worked hard for the privilege of representing the best and, in the future, if they disappoint our Clients or fall short of their expectations those products will be discontinued. and understand that they are the elite manufacturers that they represent themselves as then their products will no longer be offered or endorsed by Wild Eyez Outfitters... 

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