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Using Camo to Look Good or go Undetected???

Many Hunters and Outdoorsman get caught up in what I call "Designer Camouflage". What I mean by that is camouflage apparel that is popular and looks good in camp with your hunting buddies. When selecting your camouflage apparel do you ever consider how your GAME ANIMAL sees you? Do you ever look into the actual research that has been done on the camouflage pattern of your apparel? Most Hunters don't and this is the biggest mistake that you can make. You have to look no further than the U.S. Military to understand what Science and Research reveals about effective camouflage. Ask yourself what pattern does the U.S. Military's uniforms display? The answer is a digital or pixilated pattern. The reason is that pixelated patterns have numerous colors in them in small blocks. These little "color blocks" have the ability to reshape and conform to your environment. Next time that you buy some camouflage apparel avoid "pattern" based camouflage and instead purchase digital camouflage

and watch the difference that YOUR GAME sees and not your hunting buddies.

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