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Digiscoping to analyze your game.

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

I have been digiscoping in the mountains since 2002. It was difficult in the beginning to get the right spotting scope, camera or video camera-not phone (at that time) and digiscoping adapter (which usually amounted to an attachment method that was scabbed together using various step-up/down rings to mount your camera to the spotting scope) to digiscope with any success. Most digiscoping media that was collected at the time could not overcome the vignetting and it appeared as though you were observing your image through a straw. Over the years mobile phones have evolved to the point that the recording quality is relatively equal to modern cameras and manufacturers have adopted the "phonescoping" method and developed adapters which cater to mobile phones. This is a huge convenience given the simple fact that you always have your phone on your person and therefore; one less device to pack around and keep track of.

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