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Zeiss Harpia 95 mm Spotting Scope

$4 499.00
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Brand: Zeiss

The world of wildlife and hunting is already truly fascinating when observed naturally. But when you are viewing it through a Victory® Harpia it transforms the event into an entirely new experience.

The magnesium body construction hosts a revolutionary optical system that features a 3× wide-angle zoom from a centric adjustment on the objective body, and allows up to 70× magnification. It has an objective lens diameter of 95mm that greatly manages light intake . The extremely wide fields of view prove their worth in every situation. The Harpia 95 also features a precise, dual-speed, centric focus system with conveniently smooth and automatic transitioning from rapid to fine adjustment, even at high magnification settings. All of these features combined allows for the most advanced levels of digiscoping to take place.

Thanks to its unique, 72° wide-angle field of view throughout the entire 3× zoom range, the unrivalled dynamic of the Victory Harpia guarantees superior performance at long or short distances in every viewing situation. A strong benefit of the subjective angle of view of 72° is that it provides a noticeably greater overview of the terrain throughout the entire zoom range - especially noticeable, and appreciated, while zooming in and out.

The integrated universal tripod plate is compatible with a range of tripods.

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